Friday, August 31, 2012

Fat Quarter Friday: Sweetie Pie Bow

I love the bold look of this sweet bow. I based my bow off of this tutorial from Sutton Grace (whom I miss) and used my own baby headband tutorial.
1 fat quarter
hot glue gun

Step 1: Cut a rectangle out of your fabric. For my bow that ended up being about 3" long and 2" wide (at the widest part), I cut my rectangle to be 3.5"x6". If you want a bigger bow, cut a bigger rectangle.
Step 2: Fold the rectangle in half hamburger style with the right sides together and sew around the open edges leaving about a 2" opening to turn. Trim your corners.
Turn the rectangle right side out and press with the iron. Slip stitch the opening closed.
Step 3: Now we're going to make the little band that will go around the middle of the bow. Cut a small strip of fabric, I did 2.25"x3.5". I didn't like how wide this made the band for my bow, so I adjust for that later on.
Fold it in half hotdog style and sew along the long end so you have a narrow tube.
Turn the tube right side out and press the seam to the back.
I didn't like how wide this made the strip, so I folded it in half and kept it in that position by putting a strip of hot glue in the crease. I'm sure there's a better way to do it, but I just went with the flow.
Step 4: Take your rectangle from step 2 and accordion fold it to your liking.
Try a couple different numbers of folds to see what you like. Then pinch in the center.
Step 5: Place a dab of hot glue on the end of the narrow strip from step 3 and place it on the pinched part of your bow. Hold it for a few seconds to let it set.
Wrap the strip around, putting hot glue under it as you go. If you're wanting to attach this to a older girl's headband, you can glue the headband under the narrow strip as you go. When you get back to where you started, trim off the excess. I didn't like the raw edge, so I did a tight and narrow zigzag along it.
Finally glue it in place!
You're done with the cutest bow ever!
Now, you can attach it to whatever you want to embellish, I wanted another headband for Ada, so I whipped up one of my t-shirt headbands and hot glued the bow to it. Viola!
 Doesn't she look cute?!

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