Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Nifty Thrifts - For Me

I love when you go garage sale-ing/shopping and end up buying stuff that you weren't looking for, but are super awesome anyway (as long as it's cheap and actually awesome, that is). We found some great end tables at garages sales for cheap!

This end table is in great shape and is nice and sturdy. Ada was able to tip over the other one we had downstairs, so this is a great improvement! We paid $10 for it, not too shabby considering we don't have to paint it or fix it up in any way. Goomba would not move while I was trying to take this picture, if you were wondering why there was half a dog.
"Who me?"
We picked up this little beauty for $5. I have plans to paint it a happy new color and use it as a toy box type thing for Ada! I'll show you pictures when I get around to painting it!
While I was waiting for my prescription to be filled, Ada and I were wandering around Meijer and found ourselves in the clearance accessories section. I got three new pairs of earrings, a set of three bracelets, this beautiful raspberry scarf for only $12. I feel so girly!
 Lastly, this past weekend we went to the Blueberry Festival in New Haven, MI. It was lots of fun and the best part was this amazing farmers market. we picked up all these fruits and veggies for $10. Now you're probably thinking, "what are you going to do with one zillion peppers before they go bad?". Slice, seed and freeze my friend! Did you know they have purple bell peppers? Uh, cuz they do. Also, the little red peppers up in the left hand side with the jalapenos are called cherry bomb peppers and they are weird and amazing. They're sweet and then the spice hits you right in the face, it's great! So, long story short, go to a farmers market, it's fun, cheap, and you'll find stuff you don't normally see in the grocery store!

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