Friday, November 4, 2011

Fat Quarter Friday: Puff Pin Cushion and Scrap Bag

I love my Fat Quarter Friday this week. Does anyone remember those awesome puff quilts? Well I have been thinking about making one here in the near future and wanted to try out a project that would give me a taste of what it would be like. Hence, Puff Pin Cushion and Scrap Bag. I got a few of the ideas for the project from this tutorial from sew mama sew. It turned out pretty darn cute!

2 Fat Quarters
Some Fusible Interfacing
1 Button
3.5x7.5 in scrap of felt
About 1/3 cup Uncooked Rice (or something else small and heavy like washers)
Some polyfil

Scrap Bag:
Step 1: Cut from each fabric a 7x10 inch rectangle.
 Step 2: Fold hamburger style with the right sides together. You're going to sew along both short edges, but on the fabric that you would like to be the lining, make your seam a little bit bigger so that your bag will be a little big smaller. I used a 1/4 in seam on the fabric that I wanted on the outside and a 3/8 in seam on the lining fabric. Trim off the corners.
 Step 3: Iron open the seams along the sides.
 Step 4: Put your hand inside along the seam so that it opens up like so.
 About 1 inch in from the tip of the corner sew a straight line and clip off the tip. Repeat on each corner for each bag.
 Step 5: Place your bags end to end (still inside out) and match up the sewn up corners that you just sewed and clipped. Zigzag stitch these together on each side so that the lining will stay put.

Pull the fabric that you want to be on the outside up over the lining fabric. Now you have a rough edge bag.
Step 6: Now we're going to make the stiff binding for the top of the bag. From the lining fabric, cut out two strips of fabric 2x7 in and iron on fusible interfacing to the wrong sides. Next, put the two strips right sides together and sew down both short sides so you have a ring of fabric.
Iron the seams open and fold down one edge of the ring about 1/4 in. Pin in place.
Step 7: Place your ring of fabric with the pinned edge toward the bottom of the bag. Match up the edges and pin in place. Sew around the top of the bag with about a 1/2 in seam.
 Step 8: Fold up the pinned edge and fold it down into the bag. Fold it so that you have a 1/2 in binding showing.
 Sew around the edge to hold it in place.
 Attach a button to the inside top edge. Your bag is complete!
 Puff Pin Cushion
Step 1: Cut a 7x7in square from one fabric and a 4.5x4.5in square from the other fabric. You will need a strip of fabric from one of the fabrics to make the loop for the bag to hang off of. I took a 1.5in wide strip, folded it length wise a couple of times and sewed a line down the edge. You'll also need to cut a piece of felt to be about 3.5x7.5in (that's not the size of the felt pictured here,
Step 2: Place your two squares right sides together.
Pin the corner of one square to the corresponding corner of the other square. Repeat with all four corners.
Step 3: Make two pleats on each side of the square and pin in place. On each side the folds should go in opposite directions and make it so that the larger square sides match up with the smaller square's sides. For now, only make the pleats on three sides of the square.
 Step 4: Fold the small strip of fabric into a little loop  and sew  to hold it in place.
 Step 5: On the open side of the square, slip the loop end in between the two fabrics and fold the pleats on top of it. Pin in place.

 Step 6: Sew a 1/4 in seam around the outside of the squares leaving one of the sides open.
 Turn right side out.
 Step 7: I accidentally deleted the picture of the little felt bag and rice step, so sorry. Fold the felt strip in half and sew it around the edge leaving about a 1.5 in opening. Fill up the little bag with rice and sew the opening closed.

Step 8: Put the little felt bag inside the poof and let it sit on the bottom. Fill up the poof with polyfil, it'll need to be pretty full so that it functions well as a pin cushion.
 Step 9: This part is kind of hard. Pin down the center of the top fabric. Now you're going to start at one end of the opening and slip stitch the opening closed while putting in your two pleats. Don't worry about it turning out perfect, it doesn't matter because you can't really see that edge anyway.
 Step 10: Hook the crap bag scrap bag onto the pin cushion hook. This way it's detachable if you so desire. You're done! Isn't it adorable?!
Wow, that was a lot of steps! I promise it's not that hard to make and it didn't take much time either.


  1. great project - thanks for sharing - I found it through Pinterest - just a quick note, though....step 10 says "Hook the CRAP bag" I have a feeling you meant to say Scrap bag, lol.

    1. Crap bag, scrap bag, it's all the same, right? Haha, thanks for catching my awesome typo!

  2. Thank you for posting this! I don't have room on my sewing table, so I adapted this and just made the bag and attached ribbon to the top, so I could tie the bag to a drawer pull. Very easy to do for a beginner like me.

  3. Very nice project! I am always looking for neat organizer cushions. Thanks for sharing this.