Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Nifty Thrifts

Here are some more wonderful thrifty finds! These Little People sets were picked up at a garage sale: Noah's Ark for $6 and the dinosaur set for $8. This is more than I would usually spend on toys for Ada, but they're so darn cute and new they're crazy expensive (like $30-$40 per set). The ark set is currently her favorite toy, she likes to throw them down the stairs one by one (not two by two unfortunately).
I was never a big beanie baby fan, but these were only $0.50 each, and I couldn't resist the unicorn...
Now for the good stuff, (both of which I plan on painting sometime in the near future). This doll stroller was $3 and the car was $5.
Ada is madly in love with her car and asks to be pushed around in it multiple times a day. Sometimes she laughs hysterically, and sometimes she just sits very still and silent.
The video isn't great quality (because I shot it), but it's still really cute.

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