Wednesday, August 22, 2012

GenCon Recap

This past weekend, Brian, Ada and I made our way to GenCon. If you're not up on your nerd, GenCon is the board game convention in Indy. You've all heard of Comic-Con, GenCon is like it's less cool younger half-brother. Anyway, Brian and I love board games, so we went (this was our second time attending) and we took little Ada with us. We saw lots of geeky things, participated in the costume contest (big mistake), ate terrible greasy foods and had a great time with all the basement dwellers.

Yeah, it was busy, also, it didn't always smell great...
 Here's us all dressed up in our steampunk costumes (I'll post more about those later). We had people ask to take out picture at least 200 times during the 6 hours we were dressed up! Ada was the star in her steam powered stroller!
There were some other great costumes too! There were also some very scandalous costumes, but I'm not going to post those, sorry boys.

Here's my favorite: Yay Farscape!
Balloon dragon!
Card towers
Here's a bunch of statues, I don't know what most of them are since I'm not a Magic fan, but I do like the dalek! I also like that we have this picture of Ada that we can embarrass her with when she's older!

Here's where we did some people watching while Ada napped, it was actually really really fun. Nerds in costume and out are quite entertaining.
Here's our loot from the trip.
I got some jewelry for cheap, and yes, those are 20 sided die earrings.
Ada got a plush cthulhu; it's scary and snuggly!
Brian picked out some things as well, I'm excited for the Redshirts card game, it's a star trek spoof game.

We had a great time, if you're a gamer, you should totally think about going next year!

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  1. You won my headband! Email me with your address.