About Me

Lets see. My name is Skyler Shourd, I'm a wife and new mother in my 20's. In my mind, I'm 1 part nerd, 1 part hot girl, and another part crafty old lady. I've been sewing, crafting, baking and being happy for as long as I can remember.
I can't really think of much else to say, so like many bloggers before me, I'm going to list some random factoids about myself and my life.

I enjoy trashy television shows such as What Not to Wear and Bridalplasty. What, don't judge, you know you secretly like them too.
I hold a SciFi/Fantasy book club at my house.
I'm tall, 5'10".
My husband and I met in 2nd grade.
I used to play in a ska band.
Food is one of my best friends.
Yes, I've played D&D before (that's dungeons and dragons for all you non-nerds out there).
I'm a licensed special education teacher.
My daughter is named after a computer programer and a fictional character from the Wheel of Time series.
Diet Coke is my vise.
I'm caught in a vicious cycle of trying to grow my hair out and then cutting it all off.
There is currently no music on my iPod, only audiobooks.
A night in playing board/card games is my idea of a good time.
I don't have a facebook.

Why AwaitingAda? Well, when I was pregnant with Ada and I was finished with work, I was bored and getting really anxious for the baby to come. So, I decided to start a blog to occupy my neurotic brain, hence AwaitingAda.
Also, I like unicorns...


  1. I have to ask, what character from WoT? My daughter is also named Ada (hubby is a programmer). She is Ada Flora. I also love SciFi/Fantasy books, only have audiobooks on my iphone (love me some audible) & I keep growing out my hair & cutting it off! :) (Last time was 18 inches.) So glad I stumbled onto your blog from pintrest.

    1. Ada's middle name is Elayne as in Elayne Trakand, go WoT! I love the sound of Ada Flora though, so sweet! Audible is totally one of the best inventions ever...who needs music when you have Michael Kramer and Kate Reading? I can't believe you cut off 18" on your hair, I wish mine was that long! Argh, I'm feeling the urge to cut it again, but I'm resisting! That's so weird that we've got so much in common, but I guess we're both just awesome!

  2. Stumbled upon your blog from Pinterest and had to read up on the title - I have a baby Ada, too! The old fashioned names are making a comeback, lol. ;)

  3. Hi, I am so new to this it is unreal, my youngest daughter (24) showed this to me and I have become absolutely addicted. I tell my self every night I am not going to stay up past 11:30 finding this new world. I'm glad as Lauren stated "stumbled upon you" I am 47 and have not 1 clue about blogs or anything, but I love your page. I will be following it often ;}

  4. Hi! I just wanted to tell you that Im very excited to try and make your bubble quilt! It was brought to my attention by my daughter-in-laws sister-in law < got that :-D> She does not have a FB, but thought of me when she saw your quilt < sending me a picture of it via cell pix~ I was intrigued~ I'm sitting here awaiting my first grandchild< litrally, my daughter-in-law is in labor!> I actually have two grandchildren on the way< 5 months apart from my son, is my daughter, due in Feb> I have been making embroidered quilts for my family and friends and have recently learned to make baby crochet sweaters Wish me luck with the bubble quilt~ I will let you know how it turns out :-) ~ Thank you again,Pamela