Friday, August 17, 2012

Fat Quarter Friday: Color Block Skirt for Baby or Toddler

This week I made a super cute and easy color block baby/toddler skirt. This project took me 30 minutes to make up, create and take pictures of - it is a breeze! Color blocking is apparently big right now, so I thought hey, I sometimes pretend to know what's fashionable (not really)...and thus this skirt was created!
The color choices I picked have a slight Ronald McDonald feel to them, but as long as she doesn't grow a big red afro, I think we're in the clear!
2 fat quarters (mostly solids for a more pazzow! effect)
1" wide elastic (length depends on your little one's tummy, I used 17" for my almost 1 year old)

Step 1: Cut your main fabric fat quarter into two 9"x21" rectangles.
Then cut your secondary fabric fat quarter into two strips, mine measured 3"x21". If you want a more pronounced trim at the bottom, make them more along the lines of 5"x21" or 7"x21" so on and so forth.
Step 2: Lay out your fabrics like the set at the top with the main fabric above the trim fabric with right sides up. Then flip the trim fabric up onto the main fabric like in the set on the bottom and line up the long edge. Sew with a 1/4" seam. Do this for both panels.
Iron the seam toward the trim edge and top stitch in place.
Step 3: Put the two panels right sides together and sew up the two short edges with 1/4" seams. Iron the seams to one side.
Step 4: Make a hem by folding up the bottom edge 1/4" and then again 1/4" - sew in place.
Step 5: Now we're going to make the casing for the elastic. Iron over the top edge 1/4".
Now fold it over about 1 1/4" (it needs to be a wee bit bigger than your elastic) and iron. Then stitch in place leaving a 1 1/2" wide opening.
Step 6: Measure your little one's waist and cut your elastic accordingly adding 1/2" extra. Attach a safety pin to one end and thread it through the casing.
Pull the elastic all the way through and let the two ends meet up. Lay one end on top of the other 1/4" and stitch in place. Make sure you backstitch a bit so it's secure. Pull so that the elastic slips into the casing and then sew up the opening.
Distribute the gathers evenly across the skirt. You're all done!
Who me?


  1. I love it! i need to make one for my girlie!

  2. Oh, the skirt and the precious baby girl are beautiful!! Your newest follower from the Sunday Showoff.