Friday, November 9, 2012

Fat Quarter Friday: Baby or Toddler Mittens

It is getting super cold here, so I decided to try to make Ada some cute little mittens. I tried to make these last week, and they were a total bust. I got unreasonably upset, but I tried again this week and they turned out perfect!
Doesn't she look so happy to wear them? Or you know, super pissed.
1 fat quarter
minky scraps (or fleece, or something else warm)
4" narrow elastic (I used 1/4")
5" velcro

Step 1: Make a template. I used a cd for the main part of the mitten and then drew some lines straight down from it, about 2" from the bottom of the circle. See the picture of my template if that explanation is as horrible as I think it is.
Cut out four of the mitten shapes from your fat quarter
Make two sandwiches with the right sides together and sew along one side of each as shown in the picture.
Open up the partially sewn mitten and place a 2.5" strip of velcro (the fuzzy side) over the seam like so. Position it about 1" up from the bottom edge and sew in place. Repeat on the other mitten.
Step 3: Take one of the mitten sets and place it right side down. Take a 2" strip of velcro and sew it along one of the short ends. Then turn and sew down the length of the elastic, stretching it as you go. See the next two pictures to try to make sense of my ramblings.
Start at one end
and stretch the elastic as you sew down the length.
Now it gathers up nicely on one side. Repeat on the other mitten.
Step 4:We're now going to make the little straps for the mittens. Cut two 3.5"x3.5" squares from your fabric.
 Fold the square in half right sides together and sew along two of the edges leaving one of the short ends open (1/4" seam). Clip the corner.
 Turn the rectangle right sides out and topstitch 1/8" away from the edges along the three finished edges. Then place the velcro like so and sew in place. Repeat for the other strap.
Step 5: Lay your mitten out right side up. Take your little velcro strap you just made and place it velcro side up with the raw edges meeting up with the edge of the mitten and pin it in place.
Fold one of the sides of the mitten over on itself (right sides together) and sew around the outside with a 1/4" seam leaving the straight edge open. Clip around the curved parts, or use pinking shears. Repeat with the other mitten.
Step 6: Cut out 4 mitten shapes out of the minky, or fleece or whatever warm stuff you want for the inside of the mitten. Place two of the pieces right sides together and sew around the edges, leaving the straight edge open and a 2" opening near the top. Repeat.
Step 7: Take the outer fabric mittens and turn them right side out. Then place them like so above the inside out mitten insides and then shove them inside of the mitten linings.
Wiggle everything around so that the side seam meet up and the raw edges meet up and then pin the layers together.
Then sew around the openings with a 1/4" seam.
Step 8: Pull the mittens right side out through the opening your left in the lining, then shove the lining inside the mitten shell.
Topstitch around the opening with a 1/8" seam.
You're all done!
Enjoy your mitten paddle hands!

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  1. These would be a fantastic addition to your etsy shop!