Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Unflattering Dress to Skirt Refashion

I've been going through my closet and taking out all the things that I like, but never wear. This dress was one of those things. It's really pretty off, but on, the dress was too big and monochromatic for my tastes. So, instead of letting it get dusty in my closet, I did a quick refashion to turn it into a beautiful skirt!

 Before and After
Old knit dress you don't mind cutting up (one with a defined waist with be easiest)
Elastic (I used no roll 1")

 Step 1: Cut your dress a few inches up from where you want the skirt to start. You're going to fold part of this down, so make sure you cut high enough.
Optional: Serge or zigzag around the edge you just cut. You don't have to do this step because it's knit fabric so it won't fray, but I did anyway.
 Step 2: Now we're going to make the casing for the elastic. Turn the skirt inside out. Fold down the edge you just serged and pin it in place where you want it to be. Make sure there's enough room for your elastic to fit. Sew in place all the way around. You can serge or zigzag it in place. Leave a 2"-3" opening for the elastic.
 Step 3: Fasten a safety pin to the end of your elastic (cut to your waist size where you want the skirt to fit) and feed it through the casing you just made.
 Overlap the elastic ends like so (about an inch) and sew together. Sew closed the hole you left open on the casing.
 You're done!
Ta Da!  Enjoy your new old clothes!

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