Friday, November 2, 2012

Fat Quarter Friday: Pretty Cord Keepers

Crafting was a total bust this week. I made two fat quarter projects that totally sucked. So here I am, 11:00 Thursday night having a mini meltdown because I'm frustrated that I don't have anything to post about and then I'm mad at myself for getting worked up over it because I'm the only person who cares whether or not I post a fat quarter craft. So, I looked online for the quickest little craft I could do and here it is: pretty little cord keepers. I hate loose cords, so I was actually excited to make these (well, excited is a bit of an overstatement, but that's okay, sunny side up people). I got the idea for the project here.
1 fat quarter (or scraps)
Some velcro (I used 3/4" width)

Step 1: Cut some 4"x7" strips. You can get 12 of these size strips from one fat quarter (assuming you have a crap load of cords you need to wrangle). If you have abnormally large cords or appliances, cut longer strips.
 Step 2: Fold the strip in half hot dog style with the right sides facing out and iron.
 Open the fabric up and fold the edges back in toward the crease.
 Then, fold back to the original crease and iron again.
 Step 3: Open the strip up again and fold the short end over like so and sew in place. Do this on both the short ends.
 Then fold the strip back along the original crease and top stitch all the way around the strip.
 Step 4: Cut little pieces of velcro, mine were 3/4"x3/4" and sew them on to opposite ends and opposite sides of the strip.
 Wrangle those cords! Yee-ha!


  1. What a good idea! I would love to make these for my hair dryer, flat iron, iron, blender...anything with chords. I like when you make small, not so intimidating projects like this one. I feel like I can make it too! :)

    1. You could totally make these, or any of my other projects! Just pick one out and then you can come over and make it!