Friday, November 16, 2012

Fat Quarter Friday: Crib Quilt or Toddler Bed Blanket

This is such a beautiful and easy quilt to make. And, considering how expensive quilts usually are to make, this one isn't too bad on the cost front either! Full price on all the materials the quilt costs about $40, but you can usually get some great deals at Joann's if you take some coupons!
8 fat quarters
1 yard minky
1 package quilt batting (crib size)

Step 1: Iron 7 of your fat quarters (save the 8th for the binding) and put in a perfect stack like so.
Cut out four 8.5"x8.5" squares so that you have 28 squares total. Save the scraps for the binding!
Aren't they pretty?! Note: You should iron yours better than I did :)
Step 2: Assemble the top by sewing the squares together in a 4x7 rectangle. Do so by putting squares right sides together and sewing along one edge with a 1/4" seam. Iron the seams to one side.
Lay out the pattern that you want (or go random like I did) and continue to sew until you've got the entire top put together.
Here it is, 4 squares by 7 squares.
Step 3: Cut your minky to be the same dimension as your top: 56.5"x32.5". Then lay your minky out on a flat surface with the right side down. Then place the quilt batting out on top of it. If it's all smooshed up a crunch like mine was use some weird stuff around the how to help lay it flat. Then use some scissors to trim it to size. Why yes, that is a TI-83 calculator there :) Weird side note, that calculator has the name Jessica on the inside, hmmm, who did we steal get that from?
Once your batting is trimmed to the right size, lay the quilt top on top with the right side facing up. So you should have a sandwich with the batting in middle and the top and bottom with their right sides facing out.
Pin all the layers together. Then baste around the quilt 1/4" away from the edge.
Step 4: Quilt all of the layers together by stitching in the ditch between all of the squares.
Step 5: Now we're going to make the binding. Take the scraps that you saved from when you cut the squares. Cut strips 2.25" wide and as long as there is material left over. I was able to get one strip from each fat quarter. Then, to make up the extra length needed I took the 8th fat quarter and cut four 2.5"x18" strips.
 Sew the strips together in a nice long train (right sides together with a 1/4" seam which you then iron open). Then iron the long strip in half with the right sides facing out.
Step 6: Then sew your binding on your quilt. I refer to this post when I have need to be reminded about binding. I'm bad a explaining binding, so go to that site if you don't know how! :)
You're all done with your sweet and simple crib size quilt!


  1. when quilting all the layers together does the pattern of squares show on the minky side like it does on the top side?

  2. I meant to say are they puffy like the top side sorry

    1. Well, it depends on a couple things. If you use a puffy batting then yes, but if you use a thinner quilters batting, then not as much. Also, if you are using rosette minky like the one I used, you wont be able to tell as much, but if you use fleece or a more plain minky, then the squares will be more pronounced on the back. Hope that helps!

    2. thanks you answered my this site and your toturiols.

  3. Well hello! I am planning on making my first ever quilt and I just found this tutorial via Google. I have just looked up 'minky' and now I know what it is (!) I shall use your tutorial to help me!

    Any top tips?