Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Plastic Toy Stroller Makeover

This quick little makeover is so adorable! We got this bland little stroller at a garage sale for $3 and turned it into something super cute with some glossy spray paint! Ada loves pushing her little animals around in it!
Two cans glossy spray paint
Glossy white paint for wheels (I just used the stuff we had lying around for the house's trim)
Two trash bags

Step 1: Give the stroller a nice coat of primer. I think you could probably skip this step if you buy the spray paint that is specially made for plastic, but I've never regretted using primer, but I have regretted not using it!

Step 2: Take your first color (which should be your lighter color) and spray all the parts you want. I did two coats.
 Step 3: When it's all dry, cover the painted parts with trash bags and tie them up out of the way. Now you can spray the second color without worrying about it getting everywhere! Again, I did two coats.
 Step 4: Now you can hand paint on some accents onto the wheels. I just used the glossy trim paint we had in the basement and I think it looks great!

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  1. That is so cute. I never thought of repainting something like that. I am soon to be an auntie and I can't wait to make diy projects like this for my niece or nephew.