Friday, June 29, 2012

Fat Quarter Friday: Snack Bags

This week I made some reusable snack bags. These are perfect for dry snacks like cheerios or goldfish, and not so much for wet snacks like apple slices. They are however machine washable, so after you use them, just toss them in the wash! I used the tutorial from CraftyStaci with some of my own changes and additions. One fat quarter will make two sandwich size bags and two snack size bags. If you go to CraftyStaci's tutorial, she also gives you the dimensions for a quart size bag. 
One fat quarter
1/4 yard ripstop nylon (it was near the muslin at my Joann's)
26" of velcro
Ribbon (optional)

Step 1: Cut your fabric and velcro.
Snack size bags:
fat quarter and nylon: 8 1/2" x 7" - cut two from each fabric
velcro: 6 1/2" long (I used 5/8" width, but you can use any width you want)- cut two sets
Sandwich size bags:
fat quarter and nylon: 14 1/2" x 7" - cut two from each fabric
velcro: 6 1/2" long (I used 5/8" width, but you can use any width you want) - cut two sets
Step 2: Take your velcro and center it along the 7" long edges 1/2" away from the edge on your nylon. Stitch in place. Repeat for all of your pieces of nylon.
Step 3: Fold your nylon in half hamburger style with the velcro sides together and sew along the two sides with a 1/4" seam leaving a 2" gap on one of the edges. I used a zipper foot on my machine to help me get nice and close to the velcro. Fold your fat quarter fabric in half with the right sides together and sew down the sides with a 1/4" seam. Repeat with all your pieces.
Step 4: Turn your nylon bag so to the velcro side is out and put it in corresponding fat quarter bag that is still right side out. 
Line up all the edges and you can pin it in place if you want.
Step 5: This step is optional, but I think it makes the bags cuter and easier to use. For each bag, cut two strips of ribbon 1 1/2". Fold them in half and sew 1/8" away from the edge to turn them into little loops.
Take your loops and position them centered on the sides of the layered bags. You're going to slip the loops loop side down in between the two layers.
Pin the loops in place.
 Step 6: Now we're going to sew the layers together. Again, I used the zipper foot on my machine to help me get close to the velcro. Sew 1/4" away from the edge. Make sure to sew the ribbon loops in place as you go.
Step 7: Now you can turn your bags right side out. Sew your opening in the nylon closed. I used a small tight zigzag.
Now smoosh the nylon bag into the outer bag and topstitch around the top near the velcro about 1/16" away from the edge.
You're all done! I made the bag in the upper left without any ribbons so you could see what it looked like, but I think they look a little more complete with them.
Snack away!

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