Friday, June 8, 2012

Fat Quarter Friday - Binky Clip

This week I am on vacation, Hello Lake Powell. As such, my fat quarter project is very simple since I had to do it early. This project takes less than 5 minutes to make and is really really cute.
We actually really needed some binky clips too. Ada's new favorite thing to do is throw her binks on the floor and then freak out and want it back. This is not such a big deal at home, but when you're out at walmart and she throws it on the floor and then wants it back, you have to choose between unsanitary walmart pacifier and crying baby. Not a fun choice.

1 fat quarter (or just a 3"x10" scrap that you have around)
1 small clip (I picked up a pack at the dollar store)
Two 5" strips of thin ribbon

Step 1: Cut your fabric into a 3"x10" strip. Cut your ribbon into two 5" strips.
 Step 2: This part is optional, but you can sew your ribbon strips into little loops like so. Sew your seam about 1/4" away from the ends.
 Step 3: Fold your strip of fabric in half hot dog style right sides together and start sewing in the middle on the long side. when you get to the corner, lift your sewing foot. Turn you fabric and take one of your loops and position it like so.
 Put the loop in between the two layers of fabric and push it in until the seam on your ribbons is just hidden by the fabric. Repeat on the other side with the other loop.
 Here's a picture of the sewn tube. You can see that there is an 1.5" opening on the side for turning. Clip your corners and any excess ribbon that is hanging out.
 Step 4: Turn your tube right side out and poke out your corners with something semi-pointy. Hand stitch up the opening.
Attach a binky on one end and a clip on the other. You attach them by putting the loop through a hole and then pulling the rest of the binky clip through the loop and pulling tight.

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