Monday, May 7, 2012

Nifty Thrifts

There have been a couple neighborhood garage sales near our house for the past couple of weekends.

At one garage sale I got all these clothes for $5. This pile of goodies consists of 2 shorts, 3 shirts, 3 pants, 4 skirts, 2 pairs of shoes, and 10 bibs. Everything is in great condition with no stains! You can barely buy two new bibs for $5.
 Now this pile of stuff is a little weird. There was a rummage sale at a nearby church and they were selling clothes 10 for $1. None of the clothes fit, but I plan on using them for their fabric and make some new clothes.
We also picked up this little plastic shopping cart for $1. These little things cost anywhere between $10 and $40 new. I know she's too young for it now, but I couldn't help myself. Unfortunately it has a couple cracks in it, which I didn't realize until after I got it home, but that's nothing a little glue can't fix!
Happy thrifting!

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