Friday, May 11, 2012

Fat Quarter Friday: Fabric Flower - Peony

This week I made a cute little fabric flower that reminds me of a peony. I saw how to do this here.

1 fat quarter
needle and corresponding thread (or a hot glue gun, way easier and faster)
2 circles to trace
starch (optional)

Step 1: Find two circles to trace, one larger and one slightly smaller. Your large circle should be the size you want your flower to end up being. My large circle was about 4" in diameter and my smaller circle was about 3.5". Cut out 9 large and 1 medium. If you want a stronger base, you can cut your medium circle out of felt. If you want the ruffled look from the second flower, instead of cutting out 9 large circles, cut out 9 simple flower/cloud shapes.
 Step 2: Spray with starch and iron. This step is optional, but I found that it makes for a more shapely flower.
 Step 3: Take one of your large circles and lay it out flat. Take another large circle and fold it into fourths. Place it on your flat circle and sew the tip of it into place or hot glue.
 Step 4: Take three more large circles and fold them into fourths. Lay them out like you did the first one to complete the circle. Sew the tip of each on (or glue) as you lay it down. Also, be sure to have all your folds going the same way.
 Step 5: Now for the second layer. Take another large circle and fold it into fourths. Place it on the first layer so that it is positioned directly between two of the other pieces as shown. Sew the tip into place (or glue).
 Step 6: Finish the layer by sewing (or gluing) on three more large circles in this manner.
 Step 7: Take your medium circle and fold it in half.
 Now roll it up into a little cone.
Step 8: Place the cone in the center of the flower and sew the tip in place. If you're gluing, I recommend snipping the tip of the cone off and then slathering on a nice helping of glue.
 The cone should be able to stand up on it's own. At this point, if you're gluing, you might want to dab a couple spots in between some of the petals to help it stay fluffed up.
Step 9: Optional: You can sew a tiny circle onto the back to cover up the stitches.
 You're all done, you can now attach it to something to add some extra adorableness.

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