Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Ready, Set, Nerd! Quarriors Replacement Dice Bags - Gaming Draw Bags

So something I haven't shared on this blog is quite how nerdy my husband and I are. One of the geeky things we like to do is play board games, if fact we have a whole bookshelf that is overflowing with board games. We recently got this new game called Quarriors which is like deck building games, but with dice. It's a lot of fun, but the draw bags it came with totally suck, so we made some new ones that are much better! I used the same exact method I did for the scrap bag from my puff pin cushion tutorial. They turned out to be the perfect size and shape, plus they stand up on their own which is really nice. If you want to make your own, they are super quick and simple, even my husband can make them; go here for the tutorial (you only need to follow the first part minus the button).
Old Bags: Weird velvety tarp material with tiny openings.
 New Bags: Awesome fabric, wide openings, and bags stay up on their own!
And don't worry, they squish down to fit in the box!

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