Friday, April 20, 2012

Fat Quarter Friday: Pillowcase Dress

This week I made a cute and summery pillowcase dress using the great set of tutorials from The Mother Huddle. This project is fun because you can make it for sizes from 3 months up to 6T, her handy dandy sizing chart can be found here.
5 Fat Quarters (you can make it with less, but it looks best with five).
Some Ribbon for the Tie

Step 1: Using the sizing chart, cut out your pieces. You will have eight smaller rectangles (from four of your fat quarters) and two larger rectangles (from the leftover fat quarter). I made a size 6-9 month, so I cut eight dress panels 4"x13" and two large rectangles that make up the bottom at 5 1/2" x 22".
Step 2: Take your smaller rectangles and split them into two groups of four, one set for the front of the dress and the other set for the back. Sew each set of four together as shown. Iron your seams. Repeat for your other set of four rectangles.
Step 3: This step is optional, but gives your dress a nice finished look. We're going to now topstitch down each of the seams we just made. If you're not comfortable with topstitching, look here for some tips.
Step 4: Set your rectangle sets aside for a moment. Take your leftover larger rectangles and fold them in half hot dog style, right sides facing out and iron. Now take your front and back pieces and lay them out on your cutting board with the right side facing up. Lay your ironed piece like so and trim it so it's the same width as your sewn panels.
Fold the cut ironed piece up on the set of panels so that the raw edges are together. Pin in place and repeat with the other set of panels and ironed bottom piece.
Sew along the bottom edge. Then you can topstitch the seam if you want. Do it for the other set as well.
Step 5: Lay your front and back panels together with their right sides together. We're now going to trim the top corners to make the armholes. For the 6-12 month size I measured in 3" on the top and 3.5" on the side. Trim off the triangle on both sides.
Step 6: Take one of the panels and lay it face down on your ironing board. Fold down the cut edge you just made 1/4" and iron down.
Now fold the same edge down 1/2", iron and pin in place. Repeat with all four armholes.
Sew in place.
Step 7: Place the front and back right sides together and pin the sides.
Sew the sides together. Taking off more at the armholes and less at the bottom to create a slight A-line.
Step 8: Now we're going to make the casing for the tie. Take one of the top edges and fold it over 1/4", iron.
Fold the edge over again 1/2". Iron and pin in place.
Sew in place and repeat on the other top edge.
Step 9: Now take your ribbon, attach a safety pin to the edge and thread it through both casings.
You're all done! Tie an adorable bow with the two loose edges once on your kiddo.

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