Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Clear Rattles

When Ada and I went to our library's lapsit, they brought out the toys at the end, and they had these great clear tubes with toys in them to shake. Ada loved them, so I decided to make her some.
Empty Crystal Light containers
Some small items from around the house
Heavy duty glue (non-toxic since babies like to chew)

Step 1: Drink a bunch of Crystal Light. Now take your empty containers and rip off the labels.
Step 2: Find some fun stuff to put inside them. I just looked around the house (in junk drawers and the like) and decided to put dice in one, colorful magnets in another, and bells in the third.
 Step 3: Put your item in their containers. Put glue around the inside rim of the lids and stick on the containers. I used E-6000, but any heavy duty glue will do. Make sure to use a tough glue because you don't want the lids to come off and and your baby playing with all the stuff inside. Can you say choking hazard? Also, I'm not sure the E-6000 was such a great choice since it smells like death and I'm pretty sure it's toxic. I guess I'll have to watch her like a hawk while she plays with these, so just make some new ones. I think that hot glue would work quite nicely.
 You're done! Hopefully you don't mind all the lovely rattling and jingling noises that are about to ensue.

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