Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tuesday Weigh In - Week 5

This week was good. I'm making progress slowly but surely. I now have enough pairs of jeans that I don't have to wear any maternity pants! Hooray! I'm wearing my new jacket from Down East in my picture. I wish I had one of those stores near my house, but I guess it's good that I don't. They have the cutest clothes that make me feel great about myself.

Previous weight: 184 lbs 
Current weight: 182.5 lbs 
This week's weight loss: 1.5 lbs 
Total weight loss: 30.5 lbs 


Last Week's Goals: 
1. Exercise at least 4x this week. Met - I went on four walks this week. I thought I was going to do much more than just four this week because I got all four of my walks in within the first four days, but I guess that's what happens when you're on vacation! 
2. Drink a bottle of water for each soda I have. 
Mostly Met - I did better than I thought I would with this goal. I didn't always have a bottle of water, but I did always have at least a glass of water. I like this goal a lot because I know I need to drink more water. I think I'll try to do this goal for a while.

This Week's Goals:
1. Drink a glass of water for each soda I have.
2. Don't compulsively snack when I'm not even hungry. I'm a social and an emotional eater, so I find myself eating a lot when I'm not even hungry.

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