Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tuesday Weigh In - Week 4

This week has been pretty good! The weather's been nice without being too hot, so I've been able to take Ada on several walks. She loves being pushed in her stroller but only out on the sidewalk, pushing her around the house does nothing for her. I also went out shopping with a friend over the weekend and bought two pairs of jeans. It feels great to wear jeans without an elastic waist that goes up to my bra! She wanted to go to White House Black Market which is a little pricier than I would usually go, but I'm pleased with the jeans I got and they were 25% off!

Previous weight: 185 lbs
Current weight: 184 lbs
This week's weight loss: 1 lb
Total weight loss: 29 lbs

Yes, those are real jeans people!

Last week's goals:
1. Stop eating candy like there's no tomorrow.
    Not really met. I did eat less candy this week, but I still ate a lot of it. It's hard for me to have candy in the   house and not eat it, but at least I did better than last week. Thankfully the candy corn is now all gone!
2. Try to "exercise" at least 3x this week (I'm counting walking around the neighborhood as exercise).
    Met. I went on four walks around the neighborhood this week

This week's goals:
1. Exercise at least 4x this week.
2. Drink a bottle of water for each soda I have.

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