Friday, October 21, 2011

Fat Quarter Friday: Checker Coasters

This week's fat quarter friday is super easy and cute: checker coasters! Using two fat quarters will make four coasters.

2 Fat Quarters

Step 1: Iron your fat quarter and cut into 5x5 in squares: 12 squares from each fat quarter, so 24 squares total (I only have half of the squares showing).
Step 2: Iron 8 squares of each fabric in half, right side out.
 Step 3: Layout the coaster sandwich. Take one of the halves, fabric number 1, and lay it ironed edge on the left.
      Lay the next piece, fabric number 2, and lay it on top as shown with ironed edge at the bottom.
      Next, place another piece of fabric number 1 as placed with the ironed edge on the right.
      Finally, lift the bottom part of fabric 1 that is located at the bottom right.
      Place the last piece of fabric 2 on the bottom part of the square you are forming with the ironed edge on top. Flip down the flap on the bottom right that you flipped up.

      Place one of the non ironed squares, wrong side up on top of your checkered square.
     To finish up the sandwich, place another of the non ironed squares face up on top.
 Step 4: Sew all the way around the sandwich. Be careful not to let anything shift. You can try to pin it if you want, but I thought it was easier to keep it all together with out pins. When you're done, snip off the corners.

 Step 5: Put your finger in the hole in the middle and flip your coaster inside out.

Step 6: Repeat three more times to finish up your coaster set!

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  1. i can't wait to try this! i have quite the fq stash i've been needing projects for. i'm also excited to make the pin cushion scrap bag combo.