Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Simple Baby Baby Blanket with Quilted Top

Ok, here's how to take your quilted top from last Friday's fat quarter craft and turn it into a simple yet irresistible baby blanket.
Quilted top from FQF or a yard of adorable fabric
1 yard minky

Step 1: Trim your quilted top (I decided to trim the top because 30" square is just a nice size). Take your quilted top that you made and line up the center where the two rows meet on the 15 of your cutting board (as shown in the picture). Now cut off the ends at the 0 and the 30. Check to see how long your top is the other way, mine was just a smidgen too big at 30 1/2 inches, so I cut a 1/4" off both ends.
Step 2: Take your yard of minky and cut out a 30" square. You should be able to get two 30" squares from your yard of minky since it's 60" wide. Now you can make two! Place your minky and quilted top right sides together and pin around the edges.
Step 3: Sew around the outside edge leaving a 4-5" gap on one of the sides.
Step 4: Turn in right side out and hand stitch up the opening.
Step 5: Top stitch around the outside edges.
You're done! Isn't it adorable and super easy?!

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