Thursday, February 2, 2012

Fat Quarter Friday: Reversible Drawstring Bag

This week I made a reversible drawstring bag for my fat quarter Friday project. I used this tutorial from Just Because I am Me, um freaking cute! Don't be turned off by how long the tutorial is, this project actually goes super quick, I just included a lot of pictures!
Step 1: Trim up your fat quarters so they are 20" x 17" each.
Step 2: On one of the long sides fold up a 1/2" hem, iron and sew it in place. Do this for both fat quarters.
Step 3: Fold your fat quarter hamburger style right sides together. Then you're going to sew the open side and bottom (the hemmed edge is your top). You will begin sewing 3 inches down from the hem as shown in the picture. Do this for ONE of the fabrics.
For the other fabric, you will do essentially the same thing, start sewing 3" down from the hemmed top, but you will not go all the way to the end, you want to leave a 3" opening on the bottom for turning later on.
Step 4: Take your bags and flatten them out with the seam facing up.
Starting in the middle, iron open the seam. As you come down to the hemmed edge, you'll have some raw open edges, iron them down with the same seam allowance as the rest of the seam.
Step 5: Now you're going to want to sew that 3" slit in place. Sew along the edges as shown in the picture.
You should get a nice V shape. Make sure to do this to both fabrics.
Step 6: With your bags still inside out, grab the V section and fold down one of the sides so that the top meets the bottom of the V. Pin it in place and do it on the other side of the V too.
Fold over the rest of the top edge to match up with the V section that you just pinned down. Make sure that it's the same length all the way around, then put a couple more pins in it.
Sew around the top following your same seam from before. Repeat with the other fabric as well.
Step 7: Take your bag that doesn't have the little hole in the bottom of it and turn it right side out. Leave the other fabric inside out. Situate them like so in the picture with the right side out up top, and the inside out one on bottom. They should also have the V section facing the same direction and have the hem at the top.
Slip the top fabric inside the bottom fabric. So now you have a bag in a bag and you should only be able to see the wrong sides of both of them.
Step 8: Pin around the top so that everything matches up nicely, and then sew around the very top with a 1/4" seam.
Step 9: Find the little hole you left and pull the fabric through it so that you can see the right sides. You should have what looks like two rectangles sewn together!
Step 10: Hand sew up the opening using an invisible stitch.
Step 11: Shove one of the fabrics down into the other so that instead of two rectangles, you have a bag with a lining! Iron the top so everything is nice and crisp.
Step 12: Find some ribbon or twine for your ties. You will need two strands about 30" long.
Attach a safety pin onto one of the edges of ribbon and thread it through one of the openings at the top in the V section. This part is a little weird, one of the ribbons goes into the loop made by the lining fabric, and the other ribbon goes through the loop made by the outer fabric. There is also a little loopy area between the two that we don't use.

Either tie or sew your ends of the same ribbon together. If using ribbon, I recommend sewing so that it doesn't come undone. Thread this tied part into the bag so that we don't have to see it.
You're done! You can leave them quite simple like so,

or your can turn down the tops before you sinch them so that you get to see the two colors, super cute!!!

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