Friday, February 10, 2012

Fat Quarter Friday: Applique Valentine's Day Onesie

Umm, this week's Fat Quarter Friday craft is pretty lame. I'm feeling rather uninspired this week and Ada's nap times have been taken up by painting the basement, not sewing. So this week you get a simple yet sweet hand appliqued Valentine's Day onesie. This is basically just a tutorial on how to hand applique. Old school applique is not as fast or perfect as iron on applique, but I enjoy it, plus I don't have any of that iron on stuff.
A onesie
1 fat quarter (or just some scraps)
Needle and thread

 Step 1: Make a heart pattern out of some scrap fabric. Place in on the wrong side of your fabric (at least 1/4" away from the edges) and trace it with a fabric pencil.
 Cut it out with a 1/4" boarder around the lines you drew.
 Make some slits around the edge of your heart, cutting near the pencil line, but not right up to it. Repeat for as many hearts as you want to sew on your onesie.
 Step 2: Lay out how you want the hearts to end up and pin the first one in place.

 Step 3: Take your needle and thread and thread it through the backside of your heart on the pencil line.
 Step 4: Now you're going to fold over the front of your heart about 1/4" so that the fold matches up with the pencil line. Take your needle and go directly down from where the thread is poking out of the heart and take a small bite out of the onesie fabric.
 Pull through.
 Step 5: With your needle, come directly up from where your thread is coming out of the onesie and take a bite out of the heart fabric. Pull through and repeat steps 4 and 5 until your entire heart is sewn on.
 Tie it off on the back and admire your work.
 That wasn't so bad, and this heart looks pretty darn good! Now repeat with your remaining hearts.
 Caution: Doing applique in the dark while watching The Biggest Loser may result in whompy hearts like number 3 here. I'm too lazy to pick it out and redo it, so Ada will just have to deal.

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