Monday, February 13, 2012

Portioned Out Snacks

As a part of our effort to lose weight and change some of our eating habits, we've been portioning out a lot of our snacks and desserts. It's really easy and actually does help curb mindless snacking (at least for us anyway).

Step 1: Find out what an actual serving size is, count it out and throw it in a measuring cup to get a visual on how much you should scoop out every time (because lets face it, only crazy people actually count out the 37 goldfish they're supposed to eat each time they want some).
Step 2: Scoop out your serving size portions into little ziploc bags. Now I know this part seems wasteful, but we just save the bags and reuse them.
Step 3: Toss all of your baggies of tasty treats into a larger bag.
We keep our bag of snacks in the cupboard so they are easily accessible when the cravings hit.
We've also been doing a similar thing with our baked goods. I love to bake, but with just the two of us eating them, it's bad news, so put your servings in a freezer bag and throw in the freezer. Remove the day before (or the morning of for dessert that night) and enjoy! It's like having a never ending supply of dessert, but in the right portions. So instead of eating an entire pan of rice krispies in one night, I get to have one square a day for a couple weeks! Desserts that we've found that freeze really well are rice krispie treats, cookies, and breads.

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