Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Tuesday Weigh In - Week 1

Although I'm not starting any diet or exercise plan as of yet (I want to wait until I can sit down without cringing before I start working on any of that) I still want to start documenting my journey back to my pre-Ada weight. The weight is coming off so fast right now, it's pretty crazy! Biggest Loser fans know that yesterday was the start of the 12th season, so I thought that since Ada was born on Tuesday the 13th and Biggest Loser is now on on Tuesdays that I would make Tuesday my weigh in/picture day!

Here is a picture of me just a couple of days before Ada was born. I weighed in at (warning, this number make shock and alarm you) a whopping 213lbs. Ouch! Hey I'm 5'10" ok.
 Here I am one week after Ada's birth, 9/20/11, weighing in at 190lbs. It feels pretty amazing to lose 23lbs in one week especially when I'm devouring candy corn by the bag. (We all have our weird things, and mine is candy corn. I usually eat around 10 bags of the stuff every fall. Thank goodness it's not available year round!)


  1. Stumbled across your blog and I wanted to say I was right around 210 with both my kids, and i'm 5'9 (so also on the taller side of things).
    Altho a good bit was in my chest which was crammed into a 36J after giving!

    With both my boys I didn't do any sort of weight loss deal, and found that I hit 180ish (I avoid scales like the plague) immediately after giving birth and stayed there until 6m postpartum - where between 6-12m I dropped about a size every few weeks.
    my 8weeks post pant size I had to buy before going back to work was a 14, and at 12m post was a size 4 with #2.
    being as I was a size 10 when I got pregnant with both kids, and i'm the same weight...i'm still scratching my head over that one.
    my feet also *shrank* which is also baffling. *Shrug*

    I think it must be how my body hangs onto weight. I nursed my older son til he was a month shy of 2, and my younger I had to fight with and kept him on until 14m before I let him quit on me. Sad sad day :(

    the night I gave birth to #2 (I should mention he was 11lbs even)

    and funnily enough there are almost NO pics of me full length (no adults I suppose!) but here is me channeling madmen style a year ago at my grandpa's funeral. younger son had just turned 4 at this point

    1. You look absolutely fabulous (I love that little black dress by the way)! It's fun to see women's huge pregnant pictures and then their great post-baby figures! Congratulations on your success, a size 4 is amazing! And you've kept it off too! I can't believe you had a size 37j bra, I can't even fathom what that would be like, I'm a fairly small chested girl even while I was pregnant and now when I'm nursing I'm between a B and C...sigh. Thanks for sharing your success, it motivates me to stay away from the fudge I just made!