Friday, September 16, 2011

Fat Quarter Friday: Makeup Bag

This Friday's project: Makeup Bag! I'm very excited about this one because I've never really had a pretty makeup bag before. I did get one from a friend for my bridal shower, but it seems silly to use a bag that says "Bride" on it when I am no longer a bride. Plus it's a white bag, which doesn't look all that great when it's had makeup in it for forever, it's pretty dingy. This tutorial is pretty similar to the change purse with a few little differences.

2 Fat Quarters (I used the leftovers from the reversible purse tutorial) or you can use 1 fat quarter if you don't care about the lining being a different color.
Some fusible interfacing
9" Zipper (or bigger if you want a bigger bag)

Step 1: Cut out two pieces of fabric to any size you want. I don't have a ton of makeup, so I made mine out of leftovers from my reversible purse project. My pieces were 8" x 18". Iron the short sides in 1/4" for the hem. No need to sew them right now. At this point you can also iron on the interfacing to one of your pieces. I ironed it onto the piece that I wanted for the outside to make later steps a little bit easier.

 Step 2: Take the fabric that you want to be on the outside and sew the hemmed edges onto your zipper. This time I centered the zipper on the fabric so that neither edge of the zipper met with the edge of the fabric. I wanted to try this because on my change purse the zipper was a little wonky.
 Step 3: Unzip the zipper about 3/4 of the way and flip it inside out. Trim off the extra zipper stuff so that it matches up with the edges of the fabric.
 Step 4: Take your other fabric (the lining) and fold it right sides together so that it looks like your other fabric. Now you're going to cut out 1" squares in the bottom corners of each of the fabrics. Once you've done that, sew along the sides.

 Step 5: Now you take the corner in which you cut out the square and squish it to close the other way. You're now going to sew this little piece. Repeat with all four cut corners. This will give your bag a nice shape.

 Step 6: Turn the fabric with the zipper right side out and slip the lining (still inside out) into the bag. Now you can hand sew the top of the lining onto the outside of the bag. This is made easier by turning the top of the bag (while holding both pieces of fabric) down so that the lining fabric is showing on the outside. I forgot to take a picture of this, so if you're confused you can look at the picture on the change purse tutorial.
 All done! Now you can stuff it full of your makeup!

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