Friday, September 23, 2011

Fat Quarter Friday: Tablet Case

 So my husband is the proud new owner of a tablet. He was dismayed to discover that his new tablet did not come with one of those cheap-o cases to protect it from getting scratched. So until he could buy or make a better one, I whipped together a simple case out of a fat quarter.

1 Fat quarter
Some velcro

Step 1: Measure your tablet, Brian's is approximately 7" x 10.5". I figured about an inch and a half more than the length and roughly three times the width would be sufficient so I cut my fabric to 12" x 21"
Step 2: Fold one of the short edges under twice about 1/4 to 1/2 inch to make a clean edge.
 Step 3: Layout your fabric right side up and grab your hemmed edge. Fold that edge up so that from the folded edge to the hemmed edge is the same as the width of your tablet. Mine was about 7". Pin in place.
 Step 4: Sew along both sides with a 1/4 inch seam. I decided to follow that with a zigzag stitch for a little extra strength. Test fit your tablet and adjust as needed. I took mine in a little bit for a nice snug fit.
 Step 5: Turn the case right side out. You'll notice that the flap is longer than the pocket for the tablet. Simply iron that extra fabric down so that the flap is the same width as the pocket. Tuck in the raw edge of the sections your just ironed and iron again so that your have clean edges and sew down them.
 Step 6: Test to see how long your want the flap to be when you fold it over and trim it to be that length. I made mine about 4". Take the top of the flap and turn that edge under twice. Iron if you want and sew along it. Now your flap should have all clean edges.
 Step 7: Decide where you want your velcro to go on the case. I marked with a fabric pencil where they lined up. Put the scratchy side of the velcro on the pocket and the soft pieces on the flap. That way every time you slip the tablet into the case you're not rubbing it up against the scratchy velcro. Sew on the velcro with your machine by outlining the velcro square and getting as close to the edge as possible.
 You're all done. Now you can put your tablet in it's happy new home!

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  1. This looks quick and easy! I need to do this for our school room tablet.