Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Taking in a Ruffle Skirt with Zipper

As I've gotten smaller these past months, so has my wardrobe. I've been hesitant to buy new clothes, besides jeans, because I'm stingy and I feel like I can just tailor my old clothes to fit, plus, I have some cute clothes. The problem with this little endeavor is actually getting around to fixing my old clothes. Well, I've started and here's one of my favorites.
I look kind of like a crazy person in this picture, but the skirt is cute right?

So I was trying to think of how to take in this skirt; since it's all ruffly, you can't just take it in at the sides without messing that up, so I decided to take it in near the zipper.
 I put the skirt on and positioned it where I wanted it and put two pleats on either side of the exposed zipper.

 Then I just sewed along the pleats, about 1/16" away from the edge with a zipper foot.
 Notice my wonky seams? I apparently can't sew straight.
 You can't even tell I altered it, it just blends in nicely with the ruffles. Hazzah!
 Sorry for the awkward pictures, I asked Brian to take them one day as he was heading out the door for work.Thanks Brian!

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