Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Paint Your Own Wall "Art"

So in my attempt to decorate our master bedroom I thought we'd start with something simple like hanging up some pictures. We went around to try to find some and they are EXPENSIVE! Geeze. So my brother had the idea of buying cheap canvas from Hobby Lobby and painting the ourselves (he did this and painted a Hawaiian sunset, I am not so talented). Now we're not what you'd call artists, but they actually look pretty good!
Cheap canvas (we got ours at Hobby Lobby for a couple dollars each)
 Step 1: Lay out some tarp, prepare your paint and brushes, and make sure to elevate your canvas just a smidge so it's not laying on the tarp. The canvas we bought came with little pieces of wood, so we just used those to prop them up.
 Step 2: Put on a base coat. For our base we just used some random paint we had from household painting projects. Make sure you get the edges of the canvas. Let it dry and then see if you need a second coat.
 Step 3: Pick a design and go for it. I painted the gradually folding wheat and Brian did the lines with painters tape. Don't worry about it sucking, if it's no good, just paint over it!
 To get the dots all the same size I cut a circle out of a kitchen sponge and used it like a stamp.
 Let everything dry completely.
 Hang up your work and admire your sweet skills!

Here's my ridiculously talented brother's pictures, check his blog out to see them better. He's pretty much amazing and far more talented than me! (Brag: he's going to Frank Lloyd Wright's School of Architecture, yeah, that's right.)

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