Friday, December 16, 2011

Fat Quarter Friday: Super Simple Dog Bandana

Who doesn't want their pets to look festive this time of year? Well, I'm all for putting your animals in ridiculous outfits for the holidays, but if you don't have the money or time to spend on silly dog accessories, you can make bandanas! I know we're all a little busy during the holidays, so this fat quarter friday is mega easy.
1 Fat Quarter
Pinking Sheers (Scissors that do the zigzag cut)

Step 1: For smaller dogs, have your long edge of the bandana along the short side of the fat quarter (the side that is 18 inches long). For larger dogs, your long edge should be along the long side of the fat quarter (the side that is 22 inches long). If you want your triangle to be symmetrical, you can fold the fabric in half before you cut it with the pinking sheers, otherwise you can just wing it like I did (hence my lack of pictures). I made mine for small dogs, so they measure 18 in long and 6 in tall. If you are making them for small dogs you can make 3, but if you're making them for bigger dogs you can only make 2 out of the fat quarter.

 Step 2: Put them on all the silly dogs you know. Here's Ditto (my sister's dog),
 and Hobi!
 Make sure to pay them in treats after their fashion shoot! Yum!

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