Friday, December 9, 2011

Fat Quarter Friday: Headband

This week I whipped together a simple and sweet little headband. To learn how to make the flower that I added to it, check out my other tutorial on shabby roses.

1 Fat Quarter
Needle and Thread

Step 1: Iron your fat quarter and cut two strips 6 x 18"
 Put them right sides together and sew along one of the short ends.
 Iron the seam open.
 Step 2: Lay out your long strip of fabric with the wrong side facing up. Fold up the side closest to you so that your strip is folded in half hotdog style.
 Now grab the end of the fabric on your right hand side and fold it over on to the left side (hamburger style). Your fabric should now be folded so that there are four layers and that the folded edges are facing you and the right side.
 Step 3: On your folded fabric, draw where you want to cut. You may want to make the right side go in a little more if you don't want such a thick headband.
 Cut off where you marked and keep the excess because you can make the rose out of these scraps.
 Step 4: Open up your headband part way so that it is still folded in half hotdog style with the wrong side facing out. Sew along the edges where indicated, leaving one end open for turning inside out.
 Turn inside out and iron with the seam centered up towards you.
 Step 5: Make sure you sew closed your open side. I turned under the edges and just sewed it closed on the machine.
 Lay it out flat with the top side (the side without the seam) and iron it again. Use steam so that your edges get nice and crisp and stay that way.
 Step 6: Attach something cute like this rose!
 Personally, I think this thick of a headband would look better on someone with long hair, but it's still pretty cute!


  1. Cute headband! How did you attach it to itself? Does it have elastic? Or a button? I might give this a try with elastic - I have a small head. So fun!

    1. Elli, I just tied the ends together at the back of my head. I think that attaching it with elastic would have been a better route though since the knot added some extra unwanted bulk!