Friday, December 2, 2011

Fat Quarter Friday: Shabby Roses

This week I made a set of shabby roses. They are kind of tedious to make if you don't like hand sewing, but they aren't very difficult. Plus, they look super cute! I looked at Create and Delegate to learn how make these (I switched up some things, but it's pretty similar). If you don't like hand sewing, but want to make one of these, check out this tutorial, I didn't try it because I don't have any fabric glue, but it looks pretty good!
1 Fat Quater
Needle and corresponding thread
Scraps of felt
Hot glue gun

Step 1: Take your fat quarter, and on one of the short sides make little slits 2 inches apart.
 Then rip down the length of the fabric, ripping the fabric will give the roses their shabby look. You should end up with nine strips.
 Step 2: Lay one of the strips with the wrong side of the fabric up. Take one of the corners and start rolling it up like so. Roll it pretty tightly to start with.
 Continue to roll the fabric until the whole strip is done. The tutorial that I looked at said to use fabric glue to hold the rolled up strip, but I decided to use little alligator clips instead. Less messy and less likely to come undone as you're hand stitching the rose.
 Step 3: Get your needle and thread ready. take the end of the fabric roll that you started with and make a little S. Pinch it together.
 Choose one of the sides to be the underside of your rose and thread the needle through the three layers near the bottom. (I used a contrasting colored thread so you could see it, but you should use a corresponding color.)
 This is the important part. Thread the needle back through the same spot again. This will ensure that your fabric won't come undone as you go.
 Step 4: Now you're going to wrap the fabric roll around the little S you made twisting it as you go. On the underside of the rose you will need to do that double stitch thing from step 3 to hold everything together. The remainder of the rose will follow the same pattern. Switch up the way you turn the fabric roll while wrapping it around to give your rose interesting petals.
 Continue rolling and stitching until you're finished. Tie it off. Now repeat to make up to nine roses.
 Admire your pretty roses.
 Step 5: This step is optional, but I think it's pretty important. Take some scrap felt and cut it out to fit on the underside of the rose without being seen. Put some hot glue on the underside of your rose and stick the felt to it. This will help keep your rose from unraveling.
 Now you can figure out what to do with all your roses. Here are some ideas I came up with in 5 minutes. Spice up a bland pillow.
 Put some new life into an old purse.
 Put them on a skirt. (I don't actually like the way these look on this skirt, but you get the idea.)
 Attach to a headband or clip. This one is my favorite!
Happy embellishing!

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