Thursday, August 11, 2011

Towel Burp Cloths

 I don't know why they insist on making burp cloths from the store extremely ugly and thin. Now, I don't actually have a baby yet, but here's what I know about babies: they are gross and leak from every orifice. Seems to me like a double layer of cheap flannel isn't really really going to cut it. So I decided to make some super-cute, cheap, and thick burp cloths.

1/4 yd fabric (will give you 2 burp cloths)
1 old towel you don't mind cutting up

 Step 1: Cut your fabric and towel to the size you want. I cut mine to be 8"x19" (I meant to make it 8"x20", but I apparently have trouble with reading large numbers). Cutting up the towel is not the most fun thing in the world because a lot of the little loopy things get all over, but who really cares. Besides towel = free.

Step 2: Place your cut fabric and towel right sides together.
 Step 3: Sew all the way around the fabric leaving about 3 in open somewhere so you can turn the burp cloth right side out. Sewing around the fabric sounds really easy, but if you're using a thick towel it can be pretty tricky. I made four burp cloths trying different techniques, and the way that made it the least wonky was by only pinning one side at a time and then surging that side. 
 Step 4: Turn your fabric right side out making sure to poke out the corners with a knitting needle or other similarly pointy object.
 Step 5: Top stitch all the way around the burp cloth. Make sure to pinch out the sides as you do so and to fold under your 3" opening.
 Now you're done, super easy and fast! They're nice and thick and as cute as you want them to be!

To make these four burp cloths I spent a grand total of $2. I picked fabric from the red tag section, so the psychedelic window pane fabric is a little weird, but that's ok, it's way better and cheaper than the burp cloths at the baby store!

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  1. i made some of these just for kids and their lil oop's.. i love them.. fantastic idea.. and they love to pick out there favs and help with housework.. your right bout flimsy flannel.. besides flannel doesnt soak up it smears.. making it worse..