Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Baby Class Graduates

So my husband and I have now taken all of the baby prep classes that our hospital offers. We took breastfeeding basics, an after baby comes class, and a general child birth class. At first we weren't going to take any classes, but then I figured fine I'll take the breastfeeding class. Then for some reason I just signed us up for the other two. I'm actually really glad I did. Pretty much everyone I talked to from work said that the classes were a waste of time, but I thought they were great. I would definitely recommend them to all first time parents. I don't think I'll need to take them again for any subsequent children we may have, but I learned a lot and had a lot of fun! Plus, it was really fun to watch Brian give a baby doll a bath and diaper change! He did a great job except that he kept elbowing me in my giant stomach while doing so. I guess that was my fault for hovering, I guess I was a little anxious he'd mess it up. We also saw this hilarious video about the 5 S's to calming a baby. This guy was amazing; babies were screaming bloody murder, he did the 5 S's (or a subset of them) and the baby's eyes went all wide and crazy and then they fell asleep. He was a wizard. I'm excited to see if his techniques work, or if he's just the Cesar Millan for babies. If you're interested the 5 S's are (in this order)
1: Swaddle (tightly wrap the baby up in a blanket)
2: Stomach or Side (hold the baby on her stomach or her side)
3: Shushing/white noise (make this horrible shhhhh noise in the baby's ear as loud as the baby's crying)
4: Swinging/jiggling (jiggle the baby so her head moves around like jello)
5. Sucking (on fingers or a pacifier)
Seriously hilarious and mystifying video. I tried to find a good clip on youtube, but this is the best I found I especially like the cheesy music at the end.

Three weeks until my due date! Can't wait!

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  1. I cant wait for Ada to get here! Im so excited for you guys.