Saturday, October 27, 2012

Disney World and Universal Studios

Last week we had the amazing opportunity to visit Orlando, FL. Brian, Ada and I met my parents there and we visited Universal Studios and several of the Disney parks. It was so much fun even though we caught some sort of flu bug!

Universal Studios was the best because they have the Harry Potter park. Yeah, Brian and I are huge Harry Potter geeks. It's only the best book series ever, so can you really blame us? We got butterbeer, wands, and I purchased a sweet timeturner key chain that I'm going to fashion into a necklace.

Also at Universal they had the Marvel section, so Ada got her picture with cyclops, which is pretty great too!
Now to the various Disney parks!
Beautiful fireworks!
The Animal Kingdom was awesome. We went on a safari and I could've reached out my arm and touched a rhino! Ada loved all the animals!

I think I've found my calling. I should be a beautiful princess in a parade. These people were so amazingly perfect for Cinderella and Prince Charming. Oh beautiful people how I hate and adore you.

Thanks for everything Grandma and P-pa, you guys are the best!!!!

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