Thursday, March 29, 2012

Fat Quarter Friday: Gift Card Wallet or Child's Wallet

This week I made a little wallet that is perfect for grownups for your gift and loyalty cards, or for a little kid as their first wallet. I love this little thing, it's so cute and easy to make. I found a tutorial for it on A Spoonful of Sugar's blog, so cute and fun!

2 Fat quarters (or a bunch of scraps)
Some fusible interfacing
A hair tie
A button

Step 1: Cut out your pieces.
1st Pocket: 8.25" x 4" (from Fat Quarter A)
2nd Pocket: 8.25" x 4" (from Fat Quarter B)
Fusible Interfacing: 2 pieces 8.25" x 4"
Scrappy Oustide: Cut a bunch of 1" x 4" and 2" x 4" pieces (From Fat Quarter A and B)
Lining: 8.25" x 4" (or you can make it scrappy like I did and do the same thing that you do for the Scrappy Outside.)

 To make the scrappy outside piece, just sew together a bunch of your little 1"x4" and 2"x4" pieces you cut out until they make a strip that is at least 8 1/4" long. If it's too long, just trim it so it's the right size.
 Make sure to iron open your seams.
 Here's all your pieces: 2 pockets, 1 lining, 1 scrappy outside, and 2 fusible interfacing pieces.
 Step 2: Iron on your fusible interfacing the back of your lining piece and your scrappy outside piece.
 Step 3: Take your two pocket pieces and fold them in half hot dog style, right sides facing out, and iron.
Serge or zigzag along the bottom of each pocket piece.
 Step 4: Take your lining piece and lay it out right side up. Pin your first pocket piece so that the bottom edge of it is 1" from the bottom of the lining piece. Sew in place.
 Take your second pocket piece and pin it to the bottom of the lining piece. Sew in place (about 1/8" from the bottom).
 Step 5: Find the center of your wallet and sew three lines down the center. This makes your two sides.
 Step 6: Take your hair tie and position it right above the lower pocket and stitch in place. Make sure you go back and forth a few times so that it's secure.
 Step 7: Take your scrappy outside and pin it to your lining and pocket piece right sides together.
 Sew around the outside with a 1/4" seam leaving a 3" opening at the bottom. Clip your corners and trim off the excess strings and hair tie.
 Step 8: Turn your wallet right side out! Aww, so cute. Poke out the corners with something semi-pointy.
Iron your wallet so it's nice and crisp. Topstitch around the outside of the wallet 1/8" from the edge. This will close up your hole you left from turning and just make it look pretty.
Step 9: Sew on a button to the front of your wallet. Make sure not to hand stitch through the inside pockets!
Fill it full of all those cards that you need, but that take up space in your wallet. Or give it to an adorable kid.
Enjoy making like a million of these!

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