Friday, March 16, 2012

Fat Quarter Friday: Fabric Dice

This week I made a fun, large plush die. I've seen these large dice made out of foam before and kids go nuts for them, so I decided to make one for fat quarter Friday!
1 fat quarter
some felt
needle and thread
spray adhesive (optional)

Step 1: Take your fat quarter and cut it into six 7" squares.
 Step 2: Trace out 21 circles on your felt (in a contrasting color). I traced around a standard spool of thread which ended up being a great size.
 Step 3: Cut out your circles and place them on your squares like the pips on a die. Once they're in a position you like, you can spray a little bit of spray adhesive on to the backs of the felt to hold them in place while you sew. You don't need to do this step, but it makes it a lot easier when they are moving all about.
 Step 4: Using a small tight zigzag, go around each felt circle.
 Step 5: This next part seems a little silly, but it is totally important and makes putting the cube together a lot easier. Using your ruler and a fabric marker (ok, I used a sharpie, but that's just because I don't have a fabric marker) make a line 1/2" in from each of the sides on the back of each of the six squares.
 Step 6: Now we're going to sew the cube. I was stupid and didn't take a good picture of this, so bear with me. Take two of your squares and put them right sides together. Now you're going to sew from a 1/2" from the top to a 1/2" from the bottom (this is marked in my picture with red dots). Make sure you back stitch. This will be marked on the back of your squares from your lines you made in step 5. Continue until you have four in a row like so.
 Now sew the two ends together so you have a ring of fabric. You can iron open the seams or just finger press them open.
 Step 7: Now we're going to sew on the top and bottom. Take one of your remaining squares and pin it to your tube. Make sure that the lines match up neatly, this is where the blue arrows come in, match up the blue arrow from the previous picture to the blue arrow in the following picture and repeat for the entire square.

 When your top is all pinned, you're going to sew it on, but only from where you're 1/2" line marks cross (from red dot to red dot). Do this on each edge.
Repeat all those steps for the bottom, except leave an opening on one of the sides. It needs to be about 3" so that you can turn the cube right side out and fill it full of stuffing.
 Step 8: Turn it and stuff! Once it's full (but not too full or else it wont roll right) hand stitch the opening shut.
 Now you can play with your awesome, big fabric die.

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