Friday, January 20, 2012

Fat Quarter Friday: Small Pet Bed

I love my little dogs, so I think they should have nice places to lay around the house. Hobi's old bed that I made for him was looking rather disgusting, so I decided it was time for a nice new one.

2 Fat quarters
2 Large buttons
Corresponding thread and needle

Step 1: Place your fat quarters right sides together.
 Sew around the edge with a 1/4" seam. Leave about a 4-5" wide opening on one side.
 Step 2: Turn the bed right side out and stuff with polyfil. Put in as much as you think your dog will like, but don't fill it too full or else it's too round and not great for sleeping on. Once it's full to your liking, whip stitch the opening closed.
 Step 3: Pick out two somewhat large buttons and position one in the middle.
 Take your needle and thread and poke down through the button and the bed to the other side.
 Take your other button and place it where your needle came up through the other side. Continue to run the needle from one side to the other going through the buttons until you've been back and forth several times.
 To tie off your needle, pull up the button like so and thread the needle through the other hole but not through the bed. Now wrap the thread around the underneath of the button several times and tie off the knot. Now your buttons are more secure and your knot is hidden.
 Your done!

 Gross old bed.
Nice new bed.

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