Friday, January 6, 2012

Fat Quarter Friday: Pillow Covers

Due to the holidays I got lazy and skipped two weeks of my fat quarter Fridays. This week Brian and I have been cleaning out our closets and storage room and while doing so, I found some cheap-o throw pillows shoved in the closet. I got these pillows in college for a couple bucks each from walmart. The colors aren't bad, but the fabric is scratchy and weird, so I decided to cover them!

Some old weird throw pillows (or polyfil if you don't have any)
2 fat quarters for each pillow you want to cover/fill
Needle and corresponding thread

Step 1: Measure your pillows; mine were 16 in square.
Choose some cute fabrics. I decided to have different but corresponding fabrics on each side.
Cut your fat quarters 1 inch larger, so I cut 17 inch squares. Repeat for all your fat quarters.

Step 2: Place your fabrics right sides together and put a couple pins in it. Sew most of the way around, leaving a fairly large opening so that you can get it over the pillow.
Step 3: Trim your corners and turn the pillow cover inside out. 
Slip it onto the pillow.

 Step 4: Put a couple pins in the opening to help you out while you hand sew it closed. Just use a quick whip stitch to close it up.

  I love the happy fabrics, they look a little pastel in the pictures, but they are quite vibrant in real life.  I'm planning on putting them in Ada's nursery on the floor somewhere!

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