Sunday, November 13, 2011

Rain Cloud Mobile

This felt cloud mobile makes me smile. There was this big blank wall above Ada's changing table and I wasn't sure what to put there until I saw this cute rain cloud mobile. How could I resist? I just knew I needed to make one for Ada's room. Plus, now she has something to stare at while I'm changing her diaper!

This project is so easy and fun and came together really quickly.

A few sheets of colorful felt (I used 5)
10 x 17 in piece of white felt (I bought a section of 1/2 yard, but that's a lot of extra if you're not planning on using lots for some other project.
Needle and thread

 Step 1: Make two templates using scrap paper. My cloud measures 10 x 17 and my rain drop is 3 x 5 1/2. Cut out 2 clouds from the white and 18 rain drops from the assorted colors.
 Step 2: Begin hand stitching around your raindrops and cloud. Make sure to stuff them when you have about 2 inches left, then close it up!
 Step 3: Admire your cute little pillows. Arrange them in the way you want your mobile to look and use white or clear thread to attach the raindrops to each other and then to the cloud. Tie some yarn to the top of the cloud to have something to hang it off of.
 Hang it up. I love it, and so does Ada!
Don't be intimidated by all the hand sewing. Sewing with felt is super simple because you don't need to worry about frayed edges or anything like that. If you absolutely hate sewing by hand (and I know most people do) you could easily sew these on the machine and to be honest it will probably look nicer. The main reason I hand sewed them was so I could have something to do with my hands while Ada was nursing.

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